Initiative Lyashko may 9 carries a deep Pro-Ukrainian character.

Инициатива Ляшко 9 мая носит глубокий проукраинский характер, - эксперт

Such opinion was expressed by political analyst Volodymyr Tsybulko on his Facebook page at the urging of Oleg Lyashko, who appealed to Ukrainians on may 9 to reach a non-political event “Ukrainian immortal regiment”, which will begin at 10: 00 at the Sofia area

The expert commended the initiative of the leader of the Radical party of Oleh Lyashko to bring to the event, the portraits of Ukrainian soldiers who died during the national liberation war in the Donbass, and thus to honor the memory of Ukrainian Heroes, writes the edition Topkyiv

“Opposition to Russian aggression should occur not only in the military sphere but also in economic, diplomatic and, importantly, offers Lyashko — ideological”, says Tsybulko.

At the same time the political scientist noted that the request to join the campaign war veterans, volunteers and all concerned citizens can become an effective method in the ideological struggle with the aggressor.

“It’s part of the opposition to the theft of our history, the confrontation of their advocacy project. All this demonstrates the correct educational in nature, and there is an element of fairness because Ukraine is one of the descendants of the anti-Hitler coalition, and not part of the Russian world and even more so — part of Stalin’s legacy,” says Volodymyr Tsybulko.

Finally, he added that the Ukraini own path of development, and ideas such as the leader of RPL aimed at the development of identity.

“Ukraine goes the European way, so the initiative Lyashko carries a very deep state character, aimed at the rapprochement of Ukraine with Europe, as well as the identity and recognition of personal of national importance” — summed up Tsybulko.

We will remind that Oleg Lyashko, recently wrote an appeal to Ukrainians in which harshly criticized the Pro-Russian forces who, according to him, are parasitic on the memory of those killed during the Second world war, by historical manipulations.