Information about the “threat of death of horses” at the state stud farm is untrue

Информация об "угрозе гибели лошадей" на государственных конезаводах не соответствует действительности

At the end of April, a number of Ukrainian media reported that on two horse-drawn plants from lack of food killed the horse. It was, in particular, on the Dnepropetrovsk stud

However, this is not true, as reported “”.

“On may 6, there (at the Dnepropetrovsk stud — approx. Edition) was tested by the state veterinary and phytosanitary service together with Directorului. Of violations or problems not installed. The conclusion of the official to have the near future,” — said acting Director of GP “horse Breeding of Ukraine” Alexander War

He also noted that while enterprise (SOE “Horse”) and is the state, financing from the state budget is not happening. Also a lot of obstacles normal activities of the enterprise, according to him, on the part of the bureaucracy — land departments in the field, urban and village councils, employees of Deligeoroglou and other officials.

“In fact, showed horses that were not very well maintained after winter. Also they were very old and exhausted foals. Nothing surprising, it happens. Horses, like people, can grow old and even die from age. But this does not mean that they were badly cared for “, — said Alexander War.

The purpose of this information attacks, in his view, is “to obtain use of the land resource, which belongs to the state and used by state enterprise” horse Breeding of Ukraine”.