Informatici, animation, artificial intelligence – what you say on the Forum of creative industries

Информатаки, анимация, искусственный интеллект – о чем говорили на Форуме креативных индустрий

7-8 of September in Kiev hosted a Forum of creative industries — a large-scale event, which brought together journalists and editors, PR managers and advertising managers, business coaches, experts in movie, digital and modern technology. Detector “media” publishes abstracts of presentations, dedicated to content different types of content for cinema, propaganda and visual content and the specifics of working with him.

Информатаки, анимация, искусственный интеллект – о чем говорили на Форуме креативных индустрий

Ellina shnurko-Tabakova, an expert in the IT field about Informatica, promotional content and “hand of Moscow”

— Information operation is an attack on the mass consciousness, the impact on the information available to a wider audience and needed to make decisions.

Planned information operations can be distinguished from simple informatic using special analysis: how the media covered an event that preceded it, what resources wrote about it or took stories that was then, what was the tone of the narrative, and also — when exactly were bursts of activity public discussions on this topic.

When we talk about information operations, be aware that in such cases, the coverage of a topic may consist of several phases. This, for example, the so-called “pre-bombing” — to it and after is likely to be a period of calm.

For such analyses, there are special programs, media experts develop certain mathematical algorithms. However, on a simpler level, you can use tools like Google Trend.

Information operation is a planned and long-term process. Informirati are, as a rule, not only at the level of media coverage, but also at other levels. For example, the hype in social networks on any statement or event, including a trade and PR processes to achieve a particular purpose.

Information threats can be external and internal. You can “attack” is not only the immediate external enemy, but also partners, colleagues. It often happens that comrades working in competing companies share with each other ideas “on friendship”, but in the end someone “merges” creative ideas competitor side.

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The analysis shows that the so-called “hand of Moscow” really responds to the internal Ukrainian news hooks. In Ukraine it happens news on a local scale, however sometimes it can catch the Russian propaganda resources to exploit.

To learn to notice information operations and be able to distinguish the operation from informatiki, you should always know your professional environment: main players in the market, main competitors, experts and so on. Also to monitor their activity and watch when and for what reason happens the peak of such activity.

Информатаки, анимация, искусственный интеллект – о чем говорили на Форуме креативных индустрий

Anna Eliseeva, producer — about trends in the modern animated film content:

— Disney has always been very special feature: the content is interesting not only for children but also for adults. It’s a special talent — to remove these cartoons, to their equally enthusiastically watched people of all ages. Now the company launches a digital platform to keep up with the times.

In our work, we try to be in Disney to do the same unique, high quality, and interesting for different audiences product. Our last film — “Vikladeno Princess” — attracted a record of Ukraine office in 37 million.

In Ukraine it is not enough just to create stories, create characters, Ukrainian, unique, recognizable and memorable. We have created such a character is like from the cartoon, which will soon be released. In history — “Lisova Pisnya” by Lesja Ukrainka, but the nature of Mavka, her traits, appearance, clothing and accessories designed by us to the smallest detail.

In the work on “Makoi” we used consultants who helped us make the film really Ukrainian. We consulted experts from Ivan Gonchar Museum, Department of folklore, Kyiv national Taras Shevchenko Institute of fashion.

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“Nymph” will be presented to the resources enjoyed by modern people. This is an AR content applications on mobile phones, games for smartphones, also — the play, republication of the original work in a film cover. Plus, this series of jewelry in explanation of tapes, developed in cooperation with jewelry company “Oberig”, a collection of clothing and more.

We decided to invest in this cartoon more than just a screen adaptation of the famous works — the mission. And “flash” it’s all on different levels, on a deeper. Therefore, campaign on “Make” will be seen, for example, also the idea of conservation of natural resources — Ukrainian forests.

We hope that our nymph is a favorite cartoon character for the Ukrainian children.

Информатаки, анимация, искусственный интеллект – о чем говорили на Форуме креативных индустрий

Sergey Captin, an expert in computer graphics — visual content and artificial intelligence:

Visual content is becoming more connected to us. Once the parents talked to children, they say, is harmful to sit close to the TV screen. Then televisions began to make another, then came computers, laptops, tablets, and now we have come to gadgets, put on your 3D glasses and dive into the world of VR technologies.

Modern trend — the content is not so important, important form. Therefore, for many famous movies filmed fifth, sixth part. Something new sometimes I’m afraid to run — suddenly the audience will not like. So it’s easier just to shoot a sequel to the acclaimed paintings. We can’t remember what was in the first part of “Transformers”, right? Because the content is relegated to the background.

Our future is in artificial intelligence. Now the neural network is able to produce unique content yourself different types: photo, video, audio, movies and animation.

The principle on which working of the neural network: first, their “food” content on a given subject. For example, for one experiment, the neural network was fed about 30 thousand photos of top models. Then the system processes the data and produces something completely different, new.

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According to this principle, a neural network can, for example, to generate a number of human faces. They look like photos of real people, but actually these people never existed in reality.

These abilities of neural networks in generation of “new people” who might go on to develop the idea of creating digital actors and models. I mean, this is someone who is virtual, looks like a man, but not a real person. If they can ever displace these people?

If you fill the system the person or cut the video with him — for example, with the US President Donald trump, and then separately to “feed” her the sound track with the right speech, the neural network will be able to glue this video. It would seem pretty real trump will move his mouth, shake his head and say “proposed” neural network speech. That is, in this way you can create the video-fake, where people voiced the message, which is never told in fact in reality.

We have said that now for content producers it’s important not content but form. Perhaps the next step in the work of neural networks is generating “perfect” for each of us content that conventionally would be called visual nirvana. The system will be able to perform all of your activity in social networks and the Internet: likes and Emoji, comments, search queries in Google, a video that you searched for in YouTube to create this perfect visual content is designed for you.

That is, will form the basis of your emotions, feelings and big data.

Photo: Creativity Days Ukraine, Marina Trushina (Facebook)

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