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Between Cyril Hanouna and Yann Barthes, the cloth burns. But the real war is played behind the scenes. The host Key not at my post wants to TF1 to make him the shadow and he has good reasons…

They go back to each of their issuance. For some time, nothing goes between Cyril Hanouna and Yann Barthes. If their relations were never very cordial, they start a little more today. Due to Daily on TMC, scheduled from 18: 40 is the time at which Key not at my post made its entrance on the C8.

A direct competition which is cringe-the hellion of the PAF, accustomed to the exclusiveness of the success on this time slice. Then all means are good to crack the credibility of the opponent. On October 4, Benjamin Castaldi revealed as well in direct the contents of the SMS sent by the controller of Quotidienà the agent of Pierre-Ambroise Bosse, a guest in TPMP : “I trusted you, you told me that you want me to recontacterais after shifting the invitation […] I’m learning on Twitter that he will, in fact, in TPMP, he wrote. [He] passes from the 1 talk show in France for the benefit of a program that has a very bad press “.

>>> VIDEO Yann Barthes responds curtly to TPMP, which accuses Daily of pressure to the guests

It was not long more to Cyril Hanouna to settle its accounts with the first string… And especially his former bosses, Ara Aprikian and Xavier Gandon who have finally decided to TF1 to the empire Canal +. According to our information, the facilitator simply find it difficult to accept their departure from Canal + to land in the opponent. It considers itself responsible for the hearings in berne Key not at my post. And the call he received forbidding him to invite personalities and animators flagship TF1 in her program goes very wrong.

If Cyril Hanouna is trying to make a good figure in the board, it’s a different story once the cameras turned off : “It does not digest that[they] have stuck Daily in the front-end, says a source. It dézingue the whole grid of the A. For him, all means are good “. In its award of 12 October Babanormal Activity, Cyril Hanouna has added a bit of oil on the fire by projecting squarely on his image on the tower of the chain. Yet another provocation to which TF1 has not (yet) responded…

More info in the new issue of Here is on newsstands today.

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