Infinite rain: forecasters have given the wet forecast for may 10

Бесконечные дожди: синоптики дали мокрый прогноз на 10 мая

Weather in Ukraine 10 may be wet and cool, the rains are expected today almost in the entire territory of the country

According to the meteorologist, dry and Sunny weather in Ukraine 10 may be only in certain areas. So lucky this Friday in Poltava, Dnipropetrovsk regions and South, with the exception of the Odessa region.

For the Ukrainians, who are tired of the rains, weather forecasters, unfortunately, no good news, because, according to their forecasts, wet weather in Ukraine will continue until early next week.

In addition to rainfall, may 10 Ukrainians expects a slight cooling — in most areas, daytime temperatures will not rise above 16-18 heat

Speed of winds from the South may 10 will reach 5-10 m/s.

Further detailed information about what will be the weather in Ukraine may 10:

On the territory of the Western regions, today it is damp and cool. + 6-8 night + 16-18 a day. Rains.

Rainy 10 may be in the Carpathian mountains, where night and day +4-6 Celsius.

Бесконечные дожди: синоптики дали мокрый прогноз на 10 мая

Weather in Ukraine on may 10

On the North this Friday also rain is expected. At +8-10, +16-18.

Rain is forecasted today and in the East of the country, where the night temperature will be + 8-10 heat, day + 17-19.

In the center of the dry and Sunny will be only in Poltava and Dnipropetrovsk regions. In other areas of the region — rain. + 8-10 at night, + 16-18 a day.

On the South on may 10, will be partly cloudy and no precipitation, with the exception of the Odessa region, where rainfall is expected to be small. At +8-10, +16-18.

No precipitation will take place today and on the Crimean Peninsula. Night air temperature is 7-9, the day 16-18.

Weather in Kiev on may 10, will force the residents and guests of the city to remember about umbrellas. A night in the capital + 9-11, the day 16-18. Rains.

The warmest day 10 may in Kiev was in 1996 and 28.7 heat, the coldest — in 1912 — -1.7 temperatures, according to the Central geophysical Observatory of Ukraine.

Бесконечные дожди: синоптики дали мокрый прогноз на 10 мая

Weather in Ukraine on may 10

In the folk calendar may 10 — day Seeds of nanopaste. It was believed that today unnecessarily should not leave the home, because the Seeds of a special power becomes evil.

May 10 began to sing the Nightingale, this meant that spring has finally came and just ahead of warm days.

Farmers on the Seeds of nanopaste put his hand to the plow, checking her temperature. If it was warm, it was time to start the field work, and Vice versa.

Folk omens on may 10:

  • Clouds quickly run through the sky, to the prolonged bad weather.
  • Screaming owl — in the coming days colder.
  • Fog may 10-warming.

Recall, a flood started in Ukraine, people are massively trafficked: shots element.

As reported Politeka, a favorite resort of Ukrainians unexpected snowfall: “tourists attack”.

Also Politeka wrote that the weather in Ukraine will come to their senses after the date of warming will be heat.