Industrial Traffic: Internet users react

1212129(SHERBROOKE) Traffic on Industrial Boulevard in Saint-Elie sector, between the roundabout and the road Godin, enrages the Sherbrooke motorists.

Many expressed their exasperation on the Facebook page of The Tribune following the publication of a text on Tuesday morning on the wrong fluidity in this corner of the city.

“It is heresy to have done this roundabout!” Pleaded Louise Marceau. “We have two on the way St. Catherine and it’s hard to leave my house. The continuous flow is not a good idea when many are engulfed. ”

For its part, Johanne Riendeau complained that many drivers do not know “double turn” in the famous roundabout. “It’s pathetic …” she raged.

“It does not take an engineering degree to know that roundabouts are too small,” says Mat Charron. “It’s really bad to spend the taxpayers’ money.”

Marco DeFrancesco anticipated traffic problems. “Even if we doubled the carriageway to the motorway viaduct is simple … It’ll be a plug somewhere!”

Jacques Poulin and Micheline Belanger offer a solution: “It’s awful. It’s worse than before. He should have continued until the highway traffic light. ”

For his part, Denis Pellerin remembers the “traffic study” presented by the Department of Transport (MTQ) during the BAPE hearings in December 2013. “The study made in 2011 already indicated a congestion rate high. Five years later, with the addition of the extension of the Portland Boulevard, it looks like this. ”

Recall that the adviser Julien Lachance denounced the situation, last week the city council. In response, the director of the department of urban infrastructure and environment of the City of Sherbrooke, Caroline Gravel, appropriate that we should find a solution.

The intersection of Godin is under the MTQ’s responsibility.

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