Indomitable Sally Folk

sally-folk-aime-ecrire-chanterNaughty, flirtatious, sparkling, theatrical … Since his arrival on the music world, Sally Folk inspire compliments and brews nicely conventions.

Under his ingenuous air, singer-songwriter, who will be in the church Emmanuel Cowansville tonight, however hides a hardworking and ambitious artist.

Its success, she notes, she must first his team. “We have to find a shoe to fit. And I have a very good box – the Entourage Group – which supports me. They are very strong in marketing; it makes a difference. Otherwise, it is the public response and radios to the song Happy infidels who made the difference. The rest, I went to look for a person at a time. ”

The young thirty admits nevertheless be arriving in the middle of the song “naively”. “It was an outlet for me, a project next to my other occupations. I wanted it to work, but I would not have predicted this success. But for me, it is not yet settled; I still have lots to do! ”

Disciplined, Sally Folk writing one hour a day, drawing inspiration from what is happening around her. “And when my life is calmer, I am inspired by those of my girlfriends!” She said. “I’m a girl who thinks and reads a lot. I can spend a whole day in silence. ”

This introspective songs emerge. Many songs.

Logical sequence

Out there almost a year, her album Act II, she said, was the logical continuation of the first, which bore his name. “Several songs were written before the eponym. Everything follows. I speak of love, falling out of love, of relationships. Glad Second act is received. And it allows me to make a more complete show. ”

Certainly Sally Folk fully assumes its hardware. This album, it changes nothing.

“I never delete anything. What’s done is done, and it’s part of my story. There is no return to a work. Early in his career, one seeks safety and approval, but I quickly realized that I could not please everybody. ”

Even his “listening committee” – consisting of his relatives – do not always receive his songs the same way. “Boys and girls do not like the same things. Listening curtains closed, for example, their reactions were very different. ”

If one already knows impertinent, know that his next album – well advanced and that it hopes to launch in October – will adopt a tone even more caustic. “It’s wicked,” she says, laughing. “The first album was speaking of vulnerability, the second female affirmation. Here there as a need for revenge. This is more vindictive, more said. “And to be even more in the second degree, one might add.

On the scene

Meanwhile, the show she walks past few months includes his most popular songs she sprinkles through his repertoire, plus some inspiring times, as my guy to me.

But she does not just sing, Sally Folk, too much chatter on stage. To link with his audience, and to do him understand sarcasm and irony tinged his art.

What it seeks to create on stage, it’s a feeling of lightness, she explains. “I want coquetry too. We often talk of love as something tragic, but there’s an irony behind that. I put a big dose of self-mockery. ”

Singer-songwriter defends otherwise be trapped in her vintage style very typical, become something of his trademark. “In Act Two, there is the French song, bossa nova, rock 80s … Yes, I tripe on the Supremes, the Beatles and Elvis, but I also would like to go to d other styles. “as for the pace of the sixties, she will keep as long as it pleases. “I have no fear of change, but for now, I am there.”

The show in Cowansville full. Sally Folk however return to the region on March 30, this time at Palace de Granby.

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