“Indian summer”, welcome: forecasters presented a new Outlook

«Бабье лето», добро пожаловать: синоптики представили новый прогноз

Summer renewed its “pass” in Ukraine. You can rejoice and enjoy cloudless Sunny days. In all whether the country will be such gorgeous weather? Read the weather forecast for Thursday, September 12

As predicted by the meteorologist, autumn gives us wonderful day – no rain and not cold.

Clear and dry weather is promised to the residents and guests of the Western Ukraine forecasters. However, fans of night walks should dress warmly, in the region of only +8…10° C, comfortable during the day, to +25…+27.

In the North rain. Night temperatures are already +9…11, in the afternoon warmer up to +25…+27°.

Partly cloudy and no rain in the East of our country. At night there is also a cool +7…+9° C, daytime temperature is +25…+27°.

In the Center of Ukraine rain is not expected. At night it is expected +10…+12, and the day to +26…+28.

In the South will be Sunny weather. Night in the region of +14…+16, in the afternoon on thermometers will be up to +26…+28°.

Crimea is waiting for a cloudy day. Night on the Peninsula the air temperature will be +15…+17, in the afternoon will rise to +26…+28°.

In Kiev clear. A night in the capital cold +9…+11° C, and at +26…+28.

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Wind North-East, its strength and speed be 3-8 m/s.

«Бабье лето», добро пожаловать: синоптики представили новый прогноз

Recall, summer has left Ukraine, the cold snap will break even at the resorts.

As reported Politeka, August will force the Ukrainians to suffer: forecasters presented a disappointing forecast.

Also Politeka wrote that the anomalous weather led to the disaster: all records broken.