Indexation of incomes of Ukrainians in October: who and how many get rich

Индексация доходов украинцев в октябре: кто и на сколько разбогатеет

The increase in revenues is waiting for citizens of Ukraine in October

In accordance with the law No1282-XII in the second month of autumn will happen indexation of incomes of Ukrainians, according to TSN.

However, rich does not work. The amount of growth will be 214,75 hryvnia.

These will increase the incomes of Ukrainians:

  • wages of employees of state agencies;
  • old-age pension, disability and loss of breadwinner;
  • alimony, which is awarded as % of salary;
  • the benefit for the unemployed citizens and those receiving refresher training;
  • the content of the military;
  • compensation for injury or illness in the workplace, and also people with disabilities from childhood, resulting in injuries or diseases of the mother at work.

Индексация доходов украинцев в октябре: кто и на сколько разбогатеет

The amount of indexation of incomes is established as the result of multiplying the amount of remuneration, which shall be indexed by the amount of increase in the price index of the consumer divided by 100%.

Income not subject to indexing:

  • travel deductions;
  • bonus (including, year-end);
  • output;
  • rent;
  • dividends;
  • income from farming or home farm;
  • earnings from business activities;
  • social assistance to the poor, single mothers, children in care, child care;
  • one-time financial assistance;
  • payments from the social insurance Fund;
  • pregnancy and child birth;
  • assistance for the burial of the person;
  • one-time assistance after the loss of professional suitability;
  • compensation after death due to accident on manufacture or occupational disease;

Also earlier it was reported that the Ukrainians announced that they will be able to receive financial support from the state for communal payments, however will be lucky not all.

The corresponding decision was taken by the Cabinet. The Ukrainian government has put only one condition in order to receive benefits and subsidies.

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Family or household will be able to take advantage of the unique offer of assistance for payment komuslug if the amount of payments will be more than 15% of the total family income.

Индексация доходов украинцев в октябре: кто и на сколько разбогатеет

The government is also hoped that it will be possible to reduce the cost of utility services by creating competition in the energy market.

We will remind, the municipal disaster freeze Ukrainians who will stay with cold batteries.

As reported Politeka, the Ukrainians raised the price of gas, announced amount.

Also Politeka wrote that tariffs for communal listed: prepare your wallets.