Indefinite strike in thirty senior’s residences

bien-quil-agisse-residences-priveesThirty-one private nursing homes are eventually affected by a first unlimited strike day on Tuesday in several regions of Quebec.

The union involved in this release, Local 298 of the Quebec Service Employees’ Union, affiliated to the FTQ, provided that 32 private residences would be affected by a release of its some 3,000 members. But ultimately, a tentative agreement was reached at the residence Le Cavalier, in LaSalle, shortly before the outbreak of the strike, so that the latter now affects 31 institutions.

Although private retirement homes, essential services must be maintained, as is the case in the public and parapublic sectors. In this case, it is 90% of the services to be offered.

Some considered incidental services are not offered, such as mopping the floor, unless it is soiled, change of sheets, unless they are soiled.

The main union claim is paid $ 15 an hour. Currently, attendants earn an average $ 12.50 an hour.

The indefinite strike comes after a first day strike in early May, followed by two days of strikes on 30 and 31 May

Negotiations still ongoing with employers parties. And union representatives are willing to negotiate even on evenings and weekends.

Employers parties may be commercial chains that operate several residences or owners of a single institution.

Two in the CSN

Workers at two other private residences are also an indefinite strike in the Quebec City area, but these are rather union with the Federation of health and social services of the CSN.

And, in their case, the union demands are not the same as the FTQ, explained during an interview Gilles Gagné, representing the private sector shelters the FSSS-CSN.

In this case, it is not to demand a fee of $ 15 per hour, but an increase of $ 1.50 over three years, which may be modulated differently depending on the employer and the institution.

“Obviously we can not be against virtue: the wage to $ 15, everyone would want that, and we can not be against it,” said Mr. Gagné, who notes that the CSN chose a different path.

Three other applications in addition to the salary increase, on training, a labor relations committee and especially the maturity of collective agreements in March 2018.

CSN will indeed take coordinated bargaining in the sector of private shelters, so she seeks the maturity dates of the different collective agreements come at the same time, in March 2018.

“One is to coordinate the dates,” so that in some cases, collective agreements are simply extended, recounted Mr. Gagne.

The CSN union members in 80 private retirement homes in Quebec. Of these, 40 are currently the subject of coordinated bargaining. It concluded tentative agreements in 11 establishments and, for now, only two are affected by a strike, said Mr. Gagne.

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