Indecent acts: the accused denies having masturbated

david-gingras(Granby) David Gingras admits having exhibited her sex in front of children in a Cowansville park in July 2015, but maintains that it has not masturbated.

“I may have done some things, but not everything you reproach me,” said the accused to 34 years at his trial Friday for indecent acts and having shown his genitals to minors.

“I admit that I took it out. When I was using, it gave me a small dose of adrenaline. This was not a purpose of invitation. ”

The unemployed man from St. Bridget-d’Iberville then explained that he had a serious problem of amphetamine consumption. At the material time he had been awake for seven days. Mr. Gingras recognizes him missing pieces, but maintains that he was content to get his penis, nothing more. He was aware that he was in the presence of children.

“I have no excuse or reason; it crossed my mind. I was doing what I was doing, but I thought it was not necessary to run after the disorder. I realized that it was inappropriate. ”

“I thought it was weird”

The version of the complainant, a 26-year Cowansville, does not match that of the accused. According to her, David Gingras sat astride the bench of a picnic table in the park Davignon, that morning, not far from her, her two young children and his brother’s wife. “It did not concern me, he looked at my children, ‘she said. I thought it was weird. ”

Then she sees him masturbate. She said they had detained, but without success. His children have not been aware. “He then put his backpack on his legs. The bag up and down. “It was only after she called authorities and police sirens were heard that the accused would be left on his bike.


Mr. Gingras maintains that it was fine and he wanted to smoke a few cigarettes in the park. “It has no connection with children, he said. I love children, I have no attraction to them. ”

In cons-examination, however, he admitted that he already wore the underwear of the 14 year old daughter of his ex-wife “for no reason.” “I liked it, and that’s all.”

He also acknowledged having already exhibited in parks, but only at night, when no one was there. The judge Serge Champoux, the Court of Quebec must make its decision within a few weeks.

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