Incredibly, an elderly woman, after the magic of the make-up looks half younger

Wonderful transformation!

Неймовірно: літня жінка після чарів візажиста виглядає наполовину молодшою

Incredible makeup

Mary Johnson (Mary Johnson) was a pretty rough year, so she decided to do something to make yourself feel better, informs Rus.Media.

60-year-old grandmother from Fargo (North Dakota) specifically went to the guy, make-up artist in Minneapolis, as its heavily inspired by his other work.

She said Christopher Hopkins (Christopher Hopkins) that she needed a new image that will help her feel better.

Mary said that she would be completely devastated if not for the continued support of her granddaughter. This year, she has experienced great loss including the death of his mother. But she decided to leave all the sadness behind.

Hopkins immediately began to work. He really wanted to see Mary again became beautiful and vivacious woman.

When he was finished, the granddaughter who came to cheer grandma Johnson, was amazed at her transformation!

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