Incredible found the Ukrainians in Chernobyl: no one believed them, mysterious footage

Невероятное отыскали украинцы в Чернобыле: им никто не поверил, загадочные кадры

An incredible find in the Chernobyl exclusion zone has surprised the social network

As reported Politeka, the corresponding picture was published on the platform of Reddit.

So, the two brothers returned from a trip to Chernobyl and found the toy out there since his childhood.

Невероятное отыскали украинцы в Чернобыле: им никто не поверил, загадочные кадры

On the published photo brothers posing near the blue cars in the Chernobyl exclusion zone — in childhood and now.

However, social media users were skeptical of the photos. In particular, they do not believe that kids car after ten years after the Chernobyl accident were able to survive so well.

“Lead paint and metal building cars so close to the crotch of the bald guy, I think to continue the race is the second brother”, “those were the days when you could leave your car for 30 years in the woods, to go back and find it in perfect condition”, “This machine Pope, Ron Weasley from Harry Potter” — write in the comments under the posted photo.

Невероятное отыскали украинцы в Чернобыле: им никто не поверил, загадочные кадры

Earlier we wrote that merged footage from Chernobyl scared of the social network. As you know, the Chernobyl organized a small tour for 15 journalists who visited the fearsome object within the presentation of the new guide to the exclusion zone

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Through the years, social networking sites published a video shot in the control room of the fourth unit of Chernobyl, where you can see the destroyed control panel of a nuclear power plant.

It is known that the ruins of the plant where there was a terrible disaster in 1986, are still exposed to radiation which is 40 thousand times exceeds admissible norm.

For users of the social networking video appeared to be ambiguous. Someone scarred to shivers, and there were some commenters who noticed that the plant unscrupulous people steal nonferrous scrap metal, endangering the lives of others.

We will remind, it became known as changed the Chernobyl 30 years of published photos.

As reported Politeka, Pripyat disfigured for a week before the anniversary of the Chernobyl tragedy.

Also Politeka wrote, looks like the creepiest place of Pripyat