In Yekaterinburg experiencing the first electric bus

In Ekaterinburg starts the test first in the city’s electric bus. About this informed the press-center of the tram and trolleybus management district of the capital.

The bus arrived in Yekaterinburg, in fact, is a trolley. However, the modern machine has a rechargeable battery that stores energy for the Autonomous run of the vehicle.

Machine for testing in Yekaterinburg provided by the factory “Trolza”. The bus is called “Metropolis” and is already familiar to people in several other cities of Russia, which has already passed the test. Trolley bus “Megapolis” is able, without joining the contact network over a distance of 20 kilometers. Thus, the vehicle can run on new routes in which the use of trolleybuses was impossible.

“Metropolis” is a good modern cabin with more comfortable conditions for passengers and driver, and dropped the ground clearance easy to fit people with disabilities.

Initially, the bus will be tested at the depot, and then go on the public roads of Ekaterinburg.

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