In what year will increase deaths from heat

В каком году увеличится смертность от жары

Photo: pixabay

Scientists from Monash University have calculated in which year the deaths from heat in tropical and subtropical regions will grow five-fold.

Scientists have created a mathematical model that took into account all the factors associated with mortality from the heat, writes EurekAlert!

Among them, emissions of greenhouse gases, the melting of ice in the Arctic, a person’s ability to adapt to changing climate conditions and population density in a particular region.

Scientists predict deadly heat in 2080.

The most pessimistic scientists have provided for the Australian cities of Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Deaths by 2031 2080 years will increase by 471% compared to the period from 1971 to 2010.

Significantly increase the number of victims in Greece, India, Japan and Canada. Ukraine the changes will be minimal.

Scientists warn that in the future heat waves will be more intense and they will last longer.

Meanwhile in Antarctica has detected a threat to humanity.

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