In what position to sleep the most useful thing: “it Relieves heartburn and snoring”

В какой позе спать полезнее всего: "Избавляет от изжоги и храпа"

Posture during sleep can be the cause of many chronic pain in our body

The doctors say that in fact there is only one universal position, which gives a lot of health benefits. This sleeping on your left side. According to experts from the American Ministry of John Douillard, “the left side is perfect for sleeping and supine rest.”

“Traditional healers and sages say about this for thousands of years. And science has finally confirmed their conclusions,” he said.

Sleep on your left side gives us the following advantages:

В какой позе спать полезнее всего: "Избавляет от изжоги и храпа"

1. Relieves the symptoms of heartburn. While sleeping on the right side of the circular muscle that prevents food residue from the stomach into the esophagus relaxes, ceases to perform its function, and the acidity of the esophagus is thus increased.

2. Helps stop snoring. To get rid of snoring is much simpler than previously thought. Medical Daily promises:”Sleep on your left side for a few weeks will rid you of snoring and sleep apnea”.

3. Improves digestion. The speed of processing of food in your gut at night also depends on what side you sleep. Douillard explains: “Sleep on the left side stimulates the rapid output of food waste from the small intestine, moving them into the colon. This greatly simplifies the digestion process”.

4. A healthy heart. “If you have any heart problems, sleep on your left side can be your saving tool. So you can help the drainage of lymph, to its outflow from the heart through the power of attraction. The load on the heart is lower when you sleep on your left side”, — experts say.

5. Helps the lymphatic system. Here is what writes about this Healthy Life Tricks: “Left side of the body is dominant for the lymphatic system. While you sleep on this side of your body there are more possibilities for filtering toxins, waste, and recycled lymph”.

7. Helps the blood circulation. Here is the conclusion of the publication Vein Clinic: “If you already know the word “varicose”, then sleep on your left side is a great idea. This will improve your blood circulation as a whole, because in this position decreases pressure on the Vena cava (the second largest Vienna the body), which is located on the right side of the body.”

В какой позе спать полезнее всего: "Избавляет от изжоги и храпа"

8. Useful for pregnant women. Such sleep increases blood flow and nutrients to the fetus.

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