In Warsaw 100 thousand people went on the March of nationalists

In Poland the anniversary of the 80th independence Day is celebrated with a special scale. This time the traditional torchlight procession of nationalists in Warsaw only has, according to police estimates, at least 100 thousand people.

Polish nationalist and right-wing currents have teamed up to participate in the mass actions dated for Day of independence. On the streets of Warsaw out of 100 thousand activists of the organizations concerned, to arrange your demonstration March. Despite the common slogan “We want God”, the protesters set up quite aggressively. Thousands of police cordoned off the perimeter streets of the Polish capital.

The refrain calls for the restoration of the Catholic Foundation of Poland and the destruction of liberal principles based on secular vices and the indulgence of perversion. Part of marching shouting slogans for the revival of the great Commonwealth. The marchers lit torches in the air flying fireworks. The action was attended also by the representatives of nationalist movements from Hungary and Slovakia.

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