In Ukraine will increase the size of scholarships of the Verkhovna Rada for students

The Committee on science and education unanimously supported the decision to increase the size of the personal scholarships of the Verkhovna Rada for students.

В Україні збільшать розмір іменних стипендій Верховної Ради для студентів

Questions regarding the amounts of the scholarship of remuneration for that year, do not lose their relevance and actuality, because today the students of day form of education, vocational and graduate students ochniki receive scholarships, which is hardly sufficient to lived it without additional income or help parents.

So sit back vapor will not work, because the students of technical schools, colleges, academies (UNIVERSITIES of I-II accreditation levels) enrolled in education degree (educational qualification level) Junior specialist or bachelor increased the size of scholarships of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to 2130 UAH per month. This decision was unanimously supported by the Committee on science and education, informs Rus.Media.

For students of universities, academies, institutes, conservatories (higher educational institutions of III-IV accreditation levels, scientific institutions, students in the educational degree of bachelor, specialist or master’s degree – 2 up to 720 USD per month.

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