In Ukraine, prices have soared for popular products: “three times more expensive”

В Украине взлетели цены на популярные продукты: «втрое дороже»

Ukraine has sharply inflated the prices of vegetables

It became known that popular among Ukrainians in the consumption of products has risen significantly.

This is referred to the material “Today”.

So cabbage is now sold in Ukraine three times higher than in Spain — 50-60 UAH/kg. a Year ago at the same time, the wholesale price of cabbage was 4.5 UAH/kg.

It is also known that significantly more expensive was the beet:

“At the end of last week, it was sold in the wholesale markets at UAH 11.5”.

“The record” price rise has become the onion:

“The wholesale price of ordinary onions 27 UAH/kg.”

В Украине взлетели цены на популярные продукты: «втрое дороже»

Moreover, during the year increased the cost of the traditional spring barbecue

“In April of 2019 the cost of the barbecue from 2 kg of meat exceeded UAH 500, 40.6 UAH, or 8.4% more than in April last year.”

We will remind, the Director of the Association of retail suppliers Oleksiy Doroshenko said that in Ukraine for the year fell significantly fruit.

It is reported that the grapes fell by 12% to 120,6 hryvnia per kg, tangerines – 10%, to 34.5 hryvnias for kilogram, lemons – 2% to 37.7 hryvnia per kilogram:

“Thus, from April 2018 to April 2019 fruit basket fell by 6% 282,1 264,5 of the hryvnia to the hryvnia “.

В Украине взлетели цены на популярные продукты: «втрое дороже»

But we know that oranges have risen in price by 9% to 40.3 hryvnia per kilogram, the cost of bananas per year has not changed – 32,2 hryvnia per kilogram.

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