In Ukraine, more expensive Internet

В Украине подорожает интернет

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Ukrainian Internet providers are preparing us for another wave of price hike of its services. The company will be different to bill. But the rate at which can stop the growth of tariffs is about 250 hryvnia for 100 megabits. The price increase will be gradual. This writes

“Raise the monthly fee, hardly anyone will dare is a strong impact on customer loyalty. Will raise before the New year – who little, who leap, but prices should rise at least 20 and an average of 40 hryvnia,” – said the Deputy Director of the provider NetAssist Sergey Chumak.

Drivers of price increase are Kiev, Kharkiv and Mariupol – here the Internet is faster and more expensive just. In large cities, operators have higher operating expenses, so the rates here are higher than in small towns.

By the way, in the villages bills over the Internet has never been modest, because there is a high-priced fiber connection. Because rural residents typically overpaid for the Network.

Losing people

First and foremost, the growth of tariffs for services of broadband access (BBA) is due to increased personnel costs, expensive equipment and its maintenance, say service providers. All that buy operators for their activities are purchased in foreign currency cable, routers for clients, etc.

“The main thing is the difference in the rate of the dollar against the hryvnia is still not covered. Any consumable that was bought prior to 2008 the rate of 8 UAH/$, bought for 26-27 UAH/$. The difference is huge, and as you can see, the price of access has not increased proportionally in 3-4 times. Therefore, the cost will be to grow this and next year,” – said Chumak.

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In addition, the company began to experience a severe shortage of skilled labor. The staff go abroad or change the scope of activities. So providers began to raise wages or increase spending on outsourcing services. But it goes beyond that.

“Due to the frequent damage and theft of equipment providers and operators have to build a new back line, but again for a dollar, which automatically makes this business is on the verge of profitability and survival. Yet comfortable feel only the big players that can wait out the crisis in a different “shoulder”, that is, in cable, TV or mobile communications. There competition is significantly less and the price tag on mobile communication has grown much more than broadband access,” – said in an interview the head of the provider “Паутина.Net” Alexander Harutyunyan.

In Kiev, for example, today a popular rate of 100 megabits in many cases exceeded UAH 150 (ranges from 140 to 180 UAH/month.). While most providers are trying to compensate for higher prices and increase speed of access. It is rare to find a fare less than 30 megabit/s.

“As far as I know, speed does not decrease those who do not limit traffic on the inside lanes. Who does “pours” more GB in the tariff below the difference was felt. On cost optimization to come up with nothing – everything you optimize, have long been optimized. Need to get out of providing services below cost. It can only be afforded by big operators and as I can assume, due to cross-subsidization of the industry. Will they kill the market for the monopolization of time will show”, – noticed Sergey Chumak.

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300 UAH for Gigabit

Many providers in raising the tariffs decided to go on the same principle, which is followed by mobile operators – in fact, they don’t raise rates, and “streamline” the tariff rates and replacing the old cheap packages to new and more expensive. The caller in this case I’m just saying that with “such and such a date” he was transferred to another tariff.

To smooth the anger of people who can offer them a bonus compensation in the form of additional speed or additional ip addresses.

“The median, which will seek market – is by January to make 189-199 hryvnia. In General, as close to 200-250 UAH/month is by the middle of 2019. This applies to high-speed Internet. Providers with outdated technology will not raise prices and continue to sell themselves with low fares. However, I think the minimum salary for 100 Mbps by the beginning of next year will be 150-200 hryvnia. But Gigabit will be sold for 300 UAH/month”, – summed up Alexander Harutyunyan.

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