In Ukraine froze wages: “don’t get the money those who…”

В Украине заморозили зарплаты: "Не получат деньги те, кто..."

In Kiev called the largest debtors on a salary

The situation with wages in Kiev is worse than last month. This was told in the press service of the Kyiv city state administration (KCSA).

В Украине заморозили зарплаты: "Не получат деньги те, кто..."

Enterprise capital has owed wages of more than UAH 172 million. Experts are sounding the alarm, because this amount became more than last month. Indicators are more than 10.3%.

The main payers of salaries are state-owned enterprises. The General part of the debt is about 70%. Also on the list is the company Ukroboronprom, including the State space Agency. In the black list there was a place for regional development, the Ministry of Infrastructure and other organizations. The debtors promise to repay the wages up to the first of August of the current year.

В Украине заморозили зарплаты: "Не получат деньги те, кто..."

Previously, we reported that Lutsenko was stunned Ukrainians of their wages. The Prosecutor General of Ukraine received April 105 thousand hryvnias. The salary Yuriy Lutsenko is only 37 thousand. The remaining amount — allowances, bonuses and awards. After the collection of all taxes Lutsenko will be able to count only 84,5 thousand hryvnias.

Also, we wrote that Huawei attacked the United States. Donald trump, the head of the States, imposed sanctions against the Chinese giant, as fears spyware from the government of the PRC.

The Chinese side denies involvement, but the Americans do not believe. U.S. calls on all allies to abandon the new Chinese Internet giant and the prohibition to build their network.

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Trading Department of the USA made Huawei in the “black list”. The company was forbidden to buy the technology from us companies without government approval.

The United States also accused the Chinese in the provision of financial services to Iran. Therefore, Huawei has helped the country to circumvent the sanctions by America.

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