In Ukraine came up with the punishment for touring in Russia: “deprivation of citizenship and …”

В Украине придумали наказание для гастролеров в РФ: "лишение гражданства и ..."

Producer and presenter Igor Kondratyuk suggested to introduce fines for a tour to Russia, or even to deprive the Ukrainian citizenship

“Just had to scratch such a thing as touring in Russia! Tours — pay large fines or lose citizenship,” he said.

According to Kondratyuk, Ukrainian artists on the road in Russia really is money.

“95% money and 5% of the audience. What else? Not ideology!” – the producer says.

At the same time, he stressed that the conditions for artists in Ukraine is much worse than in Russia.

В Украине придумали наказание для гастролеров в РФ: "лишение гражданства и ..."

“No, we have it much worse, because our market is every five to ten less than the Russian. I’m talking mainly about the performers singing in Russian. But, in my opinion, it makes no sense to talk about the money that is earned in the state aggressor! Ukraine had five years of war to prohibit the citizens of any contact with Russia. Why not banned? I do not know. The impression that the state itself and its citizens do not respect”, he said.

Kondratyuk suggested that a complete rupture of relations with Russia.

“For the introduction of a visa regime for communication with Russia through a third country — preferably one where Russia has the least influence. Otherwise, it is a kind of hybridity. Unnatural for me to interact with her rapist for some Ukrainian politicians, of course. Why? Ask them,” — said Kondratyuk.

Note that Ukrainian singer Maruv, which became the winner of national selection of “Eurovision” and did not go to the competition in Israel because of the scandal, once again the center of attention of their followers on Instagram.

After the gig in Russia, the singer has posted photos and signed: “St. Petersburg was amazing! Love you!”.

В Украине придумали наказание для гастролеров в РФ: "лишение гражданства и ..."

Under the post turned real political battles. “Ukraine would like you to send to Eurovision, your fans believed that you give concerts in Russia. Now you can see what you are Ukrainian,” — wrote a user of Instagram.

We will remind, the ban on tours to Russia stunned the Ukrainian artists.

We also wrote that KAZKA said about the tour in Russia.

Even politeka reported that the artist is touring in Russia climbed sideways.