In Ukraine began the “currency revolution”: the decision of the NBU changed all the details

В Украине началась "валютная революция": решение НБУ изменило все, подробности

The national Bank of Ukraine from November 5 lifts restrictions on buying foreign currency and precious metals by individuals

Previously, a limit of the equivalent of 150 000 hryvnia per day through the Bank, financial institution or online banking systems.

The NBU said that such “relief” will not affect significantly in the currency market, because usually individuals buy foreign currency is less than 150 000 UAH.

В Украине началась "валютная революция": решение НБУ изменило все, подробности

“Liberalization of currency legislation and strengthening macro-financial stability has allowed the National Bank to cancel this year for more than 30 foreign exchange restrictions, including for the population”, — stated in the message of the national Bank.

В Украине началась "валютная революция": решение НБУ изменило все, подробности

The risk of explosion in the center of Kiev, Maidan urgently closed: the details of the emergency

As previously reported, the Ukrainians faced the first problems because of the new banknotes in denominations of one thousand hryvnias.

The new bill was introduced in the monetary circulation by the national Bank on 25 October this year. Some Ukrainians have already managed to get paid a new money and was surprised to find that their take is not in all banks. The first complaints began to arrive on October 31.

At the moment the vault of the national Bank is only the beginning of a shipment of banknotes of 1,000 hryvnia. It carried about by the demands of banks that need this value. While we are talking mainly about the Kiev offices. In the regions the new bill will be taken next week. Experts warn that to the new bill used the Ukrainians may take more time.

“Employees of banks, shops and other retail and service businesses need time to adjust. In my opinion, this process will take several months”, — said the Deputy Chairman of Oschadbank Anton Tyutyunov.

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В Украине началась "валютная революция": решение НБУ изменило все, подробности

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