In Tibet will build the highest planetarium

The planetarium and the enormous size may appear on the territory of Tibet. This design is considered the highest among the rest of the world.

In Tibet will begin construction of a new planetarium. With the end of 2018 here organize the start of the preparatory work, because the process of construction of the object have to perform very carefully, and do it well, as any inaccuracy could cost quality of work. Planetarium the new sample will have the greatest height of the dome. Currently designers develop the future background of the building, the project design of the planetarium in Tibet.

Connected to the discussion representatives of many countries of the world, as the planetarium in Tibet will become a real world treasure. Come enjoy the beauty of outer space will be tourists from even the farthest corners of the globe. it is believed that the planetarium will combine together with the space Museum, eventually getting planetary Museum. Date of completion of the construction process of the world’s highest planetarium in Tibet is still kept secret, as well as the price of the project.

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