“In the zoo”: a lonely Poroshenko has disgraced the military, the cameras got it all

"Как в зоопарке": одинокий Порошенко опозорился перед военными, камеры все сняли

The ex-President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has distinguished himself during the visit to Transcarpathia

Former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko is now in Transcarpathia. The first city he had left Mukachevo. Here he walked around the centre, and then went for a coffee in a cafe. Poroshenko was invited to coffee veterans 128 separate gersco assault brigade. However, as you can see, coffee drinking only the former President, according to Klymenko Time.

“That’s right, for coffee in the city centre, it is common to meet with friends”, — Poroshenko wrote under the photo.

"Как в зоопарке": одинокий Порошенко опозорился перед военными, камеры все сняли

Also on the page news of Transcarpathia there was a video from this meeting. The video that due to Poroshenko, in the city center were a lot of people. Among them were both supporters and opponents of Poroshenko, who shouted in the direction of the former President: “shame.”

Netizens could not pass and began to leave comments under the post.

“Then go empty the Cup… Peter as usual, all SP*cereal..”, “Funny. Robbed us all with Rotterdam, earned on our humps himself millions and now reaches out to people. Fun if it were not so sad!”, “The people watching was like a miracle !!! It would be something to watch !!!!”, “Clown”, “even the Protection of a compote poured⁉ app …. glasses “zachotno”. Damn … people in the zoo came to see the rare animal.”

"Как в зоопарке": одинокий Порошенко опозорился перед военными, камеры все сняли

"Как в зоопарке": одинокий Порошенко опозорился перед военными, камеры все сняли

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Also earlier it was reported that during the election tour, the crowd attacked the leader of “European solidarity” that barely got away. Blogger Maxim Buzhansky on your Telegram-channel predicted the unenviable fate of the ex-guarantor, which could end up in the garbage.

On the eve of Petro Poroshenko had a very, very weak rally in the city of Svalyava in the Transcarpathian region, where he arrived after similar events in Mukachevo. Local residents met the former President of Ukraine is very aggressive. Witnesses removed the shameful policy of communication with voters and has published in social networks.

The townspeople literally kicked Petro Poroshenko on his election rally. The reason for the discontent was the corruption scandal in the “Ukroboronprom”, which he failed to understand during your term. Angry voters blocked the head of “European solidarity” in the middle of the street and even tried to grab his jacket. The revenue of Petro Poroshenko came to the guard who gave it to the wolves. However, the people gave vent to their emotions, shouting accusations and obscene insults.

We will remind, Poroshenko in agony empties the account, removed 340 kg of dollars.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky Scam uncovered Poroshenko, taken.

Also Politeka wrote that Poroshenko splashed out the anger on the Ukrainians, the scandal was caught on video.