In the US, the man opened fire on police

The attacker barricaded himself in the store.

In the United States in Billings, Montana man barricaded himself in the store and opened fire on the police, who arrived on the scene. It is reported KTVQ.

The publication notes, the man in the car rammed the building, and then began to shoot. They released bullet damaged a police car. Also, the attacker was thrown at the police and stun grenades. Whether there are victims – the publication has not yet reported

Police have cordoned off the shop and a large area around him. They also continue to negotiate with him.

According to the channel, before the incident, the man was expelled from another store, where he tried to steal a firearm.

Recall that in Chicago at one of the Starbucks, the unknown made a fire, resulting in one person was lost, two more got wounds.

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