In the US, students were given a task about airplanes-the terrorists

In one of the schools the children were given a task to solve the problem, which was subjective to the September 11 attacks. Students had to calculate the time of flight of one aircraft-bombers.

As soon As the math teacher read a given task to his disciples, those, without thinking, went home and showed the assignment to his parents. This led to a massive inquiry at the secondary school in one of the American States. According to the terms of the task, the children had to carry out the correct calculation of time of flight of the Boeing bomber, which 11 September had hit the other tower in new York.

Parents of students remained unsatisfied with this job, because of what happened many years terrorist attack in new York brought a lot of grief to the American people. The school administration apologized to parents for making the teacher the error in the choice of tasks for students. Also, the school administration promised the indignant citizens details to understand what had happened.

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