In the University campus in Lyon, there were several explosions. PHOTOS, VIDEOS

Several explosions triggered a major fire that occurred this morning on the campus of the University of Lyon. As the French TV channel BFM TV, the incident was not without casualties.

According to preliminary information, cause a series of explosions were the gas cylinders used in the course of construction. It is their explosion and triggered a major fire.

Video from the scene of an emergency can be seen as the blazing roof, and the sky is filled with black smoke, and the explosion of one of the three cylinders. Open burning is seen over a large area of the roof of one of the buildings on campus. According to press reports, the building where the emergency occurred, is the library, and the faculty of biology.

Earlier in mass media there was a warning about the possible risk of chemical emissions from the laboratories of the University. But according to some data, the fire reached the premises of the biology Department.

Press reports about the victims, but estimates of their number vary. Initially it was known about three victims, but many agencies, such as Reuters, reported that the incident resulted in light injuries to one person. But BFM TV reports that 3 people were poisoned with combustion products.

#Lyon University #explosion:

– Fire is currently ‘under control’
– 3 people received minor injuries
– Students & staff are being evacuated

— RT (@RT_com) January 17, 2019.
Adding that rescuers have evacuated all the people from campus and forbade the witnesses to approach the fire building closer than one hundred meters.

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