In the United States were forbidden to eat the meat of cats and dogs

В США запретили поедать мясо кошек и собак

In the United States House of representatives passed a law prohibiting eating the meat of cats and dogs. About it reports The Hill.

The topic of prohibition of the consumption of animal Buchanan raised more in 2017. His office made a statement that the practice of slaughtering cats and dogs is legal in 44 States, you need to make completely outside of the law as dogs and cats provide love and fellowship of millions of people.

Also one of the authors of the law, the Democrat Alec Hastings said that now the House of representatives intends to encourage other countries to adopt the same law, thus forbidding the transportation of cats and dogs worldwide.

However, for Indian tribes, who use the animals for religious rituals because it’s part of their culture, has made one exception to the law.

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