In the United States plan to create an alternative to GPS

В США планируют создать альтернативу GPS

The U.S. defense Department plans to create an alternative system of global positioning and navigation in case of suppression of GPS. This follows from the Pentagon report on the prospects of development of space forces.

“The efforts of the Ministry (of defence) for the development (space) capabilities will be focused on … alternative (systems) positioning, navigation, and defining time in terms of suppression of GPS”, — the document says.

In the Pentagon have repeatedly expressed concern about the possible actions of Russia and China on the destruction or suppression of the American GPS system on the background of the fact that these two countries already have their own system of global navigation, including for military purposes. The report does not specify what systems and in what time frame can be developed as an alternative to GPS.

The document also suggests the creation of four units within the cosmic forces of the United States. These include a new combat command, joint procurement Agency satellites for military use and combat strength of the force Agency for space development and space power operations.

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