In the United States launched the world’s first commercial 5G network

Has launched its mobile operator Verizon.

У США запустили першу в світі комерційну мережу 5G

The Americans were the first to launch the 5G network, which is available to residents of Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles and Sacramento. The network was launched by Verizon, informs Rus.Media.

Verizon offers users to abandon Internet. Thus, routers will not share WiFi from an Ethernet cable, and the nearest cell tower.

It should be noted that the speed provided by the new network, the wired Internet and is 300 Mbit/sec. The maximum claimed speed is 1 Gbit/second.

The basis of the new mobile network operator has its own 5G standard TF. It will be used until then, until the approval of the common standard 5G NR.

The next country where you will see the fifth generation of mobile network, should be South Korea. Three local companies plan to submit a new modem.

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