In the United States explained the reasons for the collection of biological material of the Russians

A Pentagon spokesman said that the works connected with study of musculoskeletal system.

The representative of the aviation training command (AETC) U.S. air force Beau Downey said that the choice of the Russians for the collection of biomaterial, which needed the United States was not premeditated, reports RIA Novosti.

It is noted that the air Agency is interested in the purchase of 12 RNA samples and 27 samples of the synovial membrane that produce the necessary for the functioning of the joints synovial fluid.

According to Downey, currently the center for molecular studies of the 59th medical group conducts “studies of the musculoskeletal system to detect different biomarkers associated with the trauma.”

He informed that the research required two sets of samples from disease and control samples of RNA and synovium. The first set was given to “situated in the USA”.

“In inquiry (research centre − ed.) was not written, which needs to be obtained the samples. However, further research was required the same samples. Since the original vendor has provided samples from Russia, suitable for the original group of diseases, and the control group of samples also needs to be of Russian origin”, − said the representative of the United States air force.

Recall, October 30, Putin at the meeting of the presidential Council on human rights stated that “some forces collect biological material of Russian citizens”.

Later, the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov confirmed that the Russian secret services have information about collecting foreign emissaries biomaterial of various ethnic groups living on the territory of Russia.

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