In the United States approved a “smart” tablet with sensor

In the United States approved a “smart” pill with a sensor inside. The office for quality supervision, food and medicine has allowed the use of digital drug for treatment.

Scientists were able to insert into the antipsychotic Abilify a sensor, with which doctors can learn a patient took pill or not. The sensor is triggered by contact with gastric juice. The signal goes to the special patch, which is located on the patient’s body, and then on a mobile device of the doctor you receive a notification of acceptance of the drug.

The pill will start to apply to treat schizophrenia, depression and other mental disorders. American doctors say that this method of treatment will improve its quality, because now the doctor can monitor the healing process of your patient always. Also, a new drug has yielded to criticism. According to experts, this method of treatment can be dangerous because all digital devices can be hacked, and such a chip in a short time is no exception.

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