In the Ukrainian resort was a terrible tragedy: “fell from height”, there are victims

На украинском курорте произошла страшная трагедия: "сорвались с высоты", есть жертвы

The tragedy occurred unexpectedly, now there is a consequence

On the basis of Ukrainian resort was a real tragedy. About it reports Рoliteka with reference to the press service of the main Directorate of national police of the Nikolaev area.

So, on October 6 in the village of Koblevo (Mykolaiv region) arrived three residents of Ivano-Frankivsk region, who were going to find a job as a laborer. In order to explore the scope of work, they climbed to the third floor of a building, which already before they started to disassemble. All three of them stood on the concrete slab remaining from the balcony. As a result of recent struck together with the people, so they fell from the height.

Because one of the men died at the scene, the second was hospitalized, and the third got off with grazes and bruises.

На украинском курорте произошла страшная трагедия: "сорвались с высоты", есть жертвы

At the moment there is a consequence of part 2 of article 272 of the criminal code “Violation of safety rules during performance of works with high risk”.

We will remind, on the balcony of an apartment in Moscow scientists Vladimir Larin found his corpse. It is known that the man was struggling with cancer. Apparently, after a long time of illness, he decided to settle scores with life. According to media reports, the famous scientist shot himself with a shotgun.

Relatives said that the last time the man complained of severe pain.

Earlier we wrote that killed 23-year-old, Ezekiel the Esperon, falling from the sixth floor. The tragedy occurred on the night of October 5 in one of the districts of Buenos Aires.

The guy was at the party, about three o’clock in the morning he went out with friends on the balcony and leaned on the railing that was not fixed. Not to keep his balance, he fell down.

Players were hospitalized, but to save his life failed.

На украинском курорте произошла страшная трагедия: "сорвались с высоты", есть жертвы

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Recall also that Exactly in a closed room for detainees found the body of a police officer. This became known on October 9.

According to preliminary data, the man took his own life. Colleagues at work heard a sound like a gunshot, and then found the body of a strongman. The motives are still unknown.

Now there is a consequence of part 1 of article 115 of the Criminal code of Ukraine. In addition, the internal investigation will be conducted.

It is known that the deceased was 34 years, and he has served in bodies of 13 years.

We will remind, massacre in the center of Odessa acquires new details: what the pensioner told the Ripper

As reported Politeka, there was the terrible massacre in Odessa.

Also Politeka wrote that the new girl’s disappearance alarmed Odessa.