In the Turkish Izmir police detained a woman for double voting in elections

В турецком Измире полиция задержала женщину за двойное голосование на выборах

The vote abroad and at the border crossings was held from 7 to June 19, reports TASS. Living in Belgium for a citizen of Turkey with the initials S. E. took first part in the elections in the host country, and after went to Turkey. At the airport of Izmir, the woman again came to the polling station and filled out a ballot, however, she posted on social networks their photos next to both of the ballot boxes. The Supreme electoral Council of Turkey (YSK) said “resourcefulness” Turkish women and reported the incident to the Prosecutor.

The lawbreaker was detained in the town of Selcuk in Izmir province. She was taken to the police for questioning and further investigation. The woman, according to the investigation, two identity cards, which was identical surname, name and patronymic, due to this, she was able to vote twice.

YSK head Sadi güven in connection with the incident recalled that for such offenses punishable up to five years in prison. “The penal code prescribes a punishment of up to five years for similar violations. We will monitor the situation, contact the Prosecutor’s office to punish this man to the fullest extent of the law. We will not allow such abuse,” said Guven.

Early parliamentary and presidential elections will be held in Turkey on June 24, nearly a year and a half previously planned period (November 2019 — ed.). After the vote, the country will officially enter into force amendments on the introduction of the presidential system of government. To date, according to the YSK, outside of Turkey in the elections was attended by about 1.5 million Turks registered 3 million people.

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