In the tomb of the Greek warrior found the gem 3,500 years old

The archaeologists during the excavation of the tomb of the Greek warrior found the gem, made of semi-precious stone. This jewelry was created of not less than 3500 years ago.

The discovery was made by American specialists in the tomb of a rich Greek warrior, a burial place which became a neighborhood of the Greek city of Pylos.

Age of other artifacts found there, may be similar. This applies to the bronze sword, daggers and jewelry, including rings made of gold.

To such conclusion scientists came after a long study of his findings. They believe that the Greek warrior was buried in compliance with all associated honors of his order, circa 1450 BC. That is, the artifacts found belong to the Minoan culture.

Gemma made of agate, which is applied to the finely executed carving. Its size is 3.6 cm. On the seal contains the image of the fight the two warriors. To produce a complete cleansing of the findings, the experts took more than a year.

When experts saw the masterpiece in its original form, they were amazed. Previously it was thought that the depiction of human bodies, various products appeared in Greece a thousand years later, at a time when there is a period called “classic”.

The image on the stone is done so skillfully, that some of its details can only be seen using optics.

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