In the things around us found dangerous compounds

В окружающих нас вещах нашли опасные соединения

Harvard medical school researched the effects politially substance to the weight of the person, writes the Chronicle.infoso a link to healthinfo.

As noted by Live Science, it was found that these synthetic substances are hazardous. Meanwhile, they are used in the production of many items, including cookware with non-stick coating, water-resistant fabrics, grease-proof food packaging, personal care products and cleaning products.

Compounds can accumulate in the body, remaining there for a long time. Various studies have linked politonalnye substances with a low weight of newborn, diseases of the thyroid gland and reproductive system. Substances associated with weight gain after discontinuation of diet and decreased metabolic rate.

Recently, the same observation was carried out on 950 volunteers with obesity and high sugar. The study lasted about 15 years. About half of the volunteers were on a diet and trained. All were measured the level politially substances in the blood. It turned out, the higher the level, the more people recruited. However, it works only with those who are on a diet did not sit and workout did not go.

Apparently, politonalnye substances are obesogens connections that lead to weight gain, but only in the presence of other risk factors.

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