In the ski resort of Corvara in Italy killed a Russian tourist

The tragic accident occurred in the ski resort of Corvara in Italy – after falling from the balcony of the third floor of the hotel killed a Russian tourist.

As you know, the incident occurred on the eve of the birthday of the Russians, who on Sunday was to celebrate his 42nd birthday.

As has told to journalists the Director of the hotel Nikola, Delorino, the ambulance arrived at the scene twenty minutes after the incident. However, to help the Russian doctors could not – the injuries were incompatible with life.

Nicola Pettorino told that the Russians with his wife and a group of friends checked into three adjacent to each other the rooms on Saturday afternoon. Five minutes after settling to the reception approached the wife of the Russian, which said that it too fell from the balcony.

To the victim immediately rushed to the hotel staff, who immediately began to give him first aid. Rescuers got to the hotel twenty minutes after the reports of tragedy.

Unfortunately, resuscitation, which was conducted for half an hour, didn’t help – the Russians died.

The woman, according to the Director of the hotel told how the accident happened. The man allegedly wanted to make a joke, after moving from one room to another through the balcony, but could not resist and fell.

In the Russian Embassy in Milan confirmed to reporters information about the tragedy and stated that control of the situation.

According to the Director of the hotel that provide all necessary assistance to the woman who lost her husband.

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