In the sea, missing the ship with people: “seek not in a hurry”

В море пропало судно с людьми: «искать не торопятся»

The authorities do not give any comments and organize a rescue operation is not in a hurry

In the Caribbean sea, missing the ship with migrants. People have been sailing from Venezuela to the island of Curacao, owned by the Netherlands.

That boat disappeared, it became known on June 7. Still no one present on Board 32 people have not been in contact. Despite this, the authorities refuse to comment and don’t want to send boats in search of people.

В море пропало судно с людьми: «искать не торопятся»

The Deputy of the National Assembly of the Bolivarian Republic of Louis Stefanelli said the migrants fled from economically unstable Venezuela in search of a better life.

“The probability is that the tragedy occurred,” – said the Deputy. According to him, the authorities prefer to ignore the situation.

As previously reported, the ship with the players sank during a storm. On the wreck were the football players and football fans who were travelling to a friendly match.

Sporting event was held in the Western part of Uganda in the village of Roong, where district Hoima district on the boat moved the football players and their fans.

According to eyewitnesses, the ship turned over, for two reasons. First, the boat has accumulated a lot of passengers, and second, there were adverse weather conditions, BBC reports.

In total the ship had about 50 people.

Since the tragedy took place near the shore, then 32 passengers managed to escape and reach the shore. Nine people died, the fate of the others remains unknown.

As we wrote earlier, rescuers sounded very disappointing statistics of deaths in Ukraine for water bodies. Ukrainians massively drowned because of his carelessness, informs a press-service gschs.

В море пропало судно с людьми: «искать не торопятся»

So, only from the beginning of may drowned 38 people. According to rescuers, most of the tragedy on the water occur due to non-observance of rules of safe behavior on the water and the revaluation of its features.

Also, people often bathe in the places not equipped for this.

We will remind that killed more than 20 children, rescuers told of the great tragedy in Ukraine.

As reported Politeka, baby drowned in my own house, “played with kids”, the details of the tragedy in Odessa region.

Also Politeka wrote about the terrible tragedy at sea: the explosion on the ship claimed the lives of hundreds of people, first details.