In the Russian Federation sent the body of the deceased in Shanghai 14-year-old Russians

Andrey Kulikov, representing the Consulate General of Russia in Shanghai, reported sending home the bodies of 14-year-old native of Perm, who died in China in October this year. Commercial flight paid for representatives of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, the diplomat said.

Recall a tragic incident from the sudden death of 14-year-old Russian model was on 27th of October. A few days earlier, the girl felt unwell, and had to be hospitalized. Despite staying within the walls of medical institutions, as a native of Perm has continued to deteriorate. As a result, she died from septic shock, the cause of which is still not installed. The final diagnosis must be employees of the Russian Bureau of forensic medical examination at the Investigation Committee.

According to Andrey Kulikova, spread earlier in mass media information about the alleged death of 14-year-old Russian model in Shanghai due to the strong fatigue-induced lack of time to rest, is implausible. The only breach of contract of a young native Perm diplomat said the absence of insurance.

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