In the ROC threatened Constantinople for autocephaly for Ukraine

In the Russian Orthodox Church once again excelled gall review regarding the granting of autocephaly to Ukraine. At this time, the clergy stated that after this step, they de facto declared war on Constantinople and Patriarch Bartholomew. In addition, the ROC claim that this decision at least half of the Orthodox population not only in Ukraine but in the world will not support.

В РПЦ пригрозили Константинополю из-за автокефалии для Украины

This statement was made by the head of the Synodal Department for external Church relations Metropolitan Hilarion on one of the propaganda channels.

The Patriarchate of Constantinople so now it is openly on the warpath. And this war is not only against the Russian Church, this war is not only against the Ukrainian Orthodox people. It is a war against the whole world of Orthodoxy. As if this cowardly and treacherous project will be brought to an end, then, of course, the majority of Orthodox believers of Ukraine will not accept the autocephaly. The Russian Orthodox Church also does not accept this decision and we will be forced to terminate the communication with Constantinople, and then they will have no rights to claim the leadership in the Orthodox world,
– said the representative of the Russian Church.

As he said, now the Patriarchate of Constantinople has positioned itself as a leader in the Orthodox world, Patriarch of Constantinople perceived almost as “Orthodox Pope” and it is called the leader of 300 million Orthodox population of the planet.

“If Ukraine will give the autocephaly, then at least half of this amount will no longer to recognize not only the spiritual leader but also the first in the family of Orthodox churches. I think that for such a move, Patriarch Bartholomew, will bear personal responsibility before God and before the court of history,” – said Metropolitan Hilarion.

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