In the reserve near Yalta broke out a forest fire with an area of 1.5 hectares

В заповеднике возле Ялты вспыхнул лесной пожар площадью 1,5 гектара

According to Vladimir Ivanov, the message about the fire was received at the remote duty MOE at 16.23 on Saturday, August 11. It transpires that the fire was formed in gorge Uch-Kosh near Yalta.

According to the latest data, the fire area has increased to nearly 1.5 hectares. Fire fighting is complicated due to the mountainous terrain and strong wind gusts to 20 meters per second. The slope of the terrain in the zone reaches 45-80 degrees.

Ivanov also added that fire fighting equipment can not close to drive, cars are at a distance of 100-150 meters from the edge of the fire. Staff extinguished the fire using portable fire extinguishers and improvised.

The elimination of fire involved more than 100 personnel and more than 20 units of special equipment.

The gorge Uch-Kosh is one of the longest in the Crimea. Its long reaches five miles, and the height of the rocks reaches 100 meters.

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