In the popular drinks found deadly substance: it is a drink our children

В популярных напитках нашли смертельно опасное вещество: это пьют наши дети

All the popular and favorite drinks found a substance dangerous to life and health

Elevated levels of this dangerous metal have been identified in 50% of drinks that went through the test.

Scientists conducted an audit of fruit juices, which are sold throughout the United States, where they found traces of arsenic. Moreover, the performance of this hazardous metal reached a high level in 21 of the 45 brands of juices. Experiments have shown that just half a Cup of juice a day over time can lead to a jump in the level of arsenic in blood of the child.

В популярных напитках нашли смертельно опасное вещество: это пьют наши дети

You may recall that earlier those same experts have identified arsenic and lead in a large number of samples of baby food sold in the United States. This means that American children are exposed to heavy metals on a regular basis.

Arsenic is especially dangerous to the health of the young child, because his body is still in the process of development of the brain and nervous system. Scientists repeatedly urged producers of food products to children to eliminate dangerous ingredients such as arsenic or lead, or to reduce their numbers to an absolute minimum by modifying production processes. However, this can lead to a significant rise in the cost of production, which will affect the price of the products, and hence on profits.

It is noted that arsenic is very difficult to completely remove from food and beverages, it contains even in drinking water.

Technically to get rid of arsenic you can, because many companies successfully proved the effectiveness of such technologies, but they are complex and require the use of almost every stage of the production cycle.

We will add, earlier we wrote that named the most dangerous products, the consequences of the use of which can be disastrous.

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В популярных напитках нашли смертельно опасное вещество: это пьют наши дети

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