In the photo of 40 years ago found Olga Buzova, the network planner: “How is that possible?”

На фото 40-летней давности нашли Ольгу Бузову, в сети переполох: «Как это возможно?»

Artist Pavel Volya recently posted on Instagram a photo of Igor Stomakhin, which depicts a portrait of an unknown girl like two drops of water similar to the Olga Buzova

The spirit is forced to think of hundreds of supporters Buzova, because the photo of the 80-ies of the depicted kind of like her portrait. Of course, everyone understands that the photo of 40 years ago could not be a singer, which is now only 33 years, but this was another occasion to discuss Olga Buzova in the network.

На фото 40-летней давности нашли Ольгу Бузову, в сети переполох: «Как это возможно?»

As for the photo in black and white style, which was published by Paul Will, it did in the 80-ies of the last century, the famous Russian photographer Igor Stomakhin, who filmed underground artists and members of religious sects, informal youth and mentally retarded children, visitors of the Moscow Hippodrome and prisoners in the area.

The photo shows a person with a camera in hand, sitting on something in the middle of the street, and the ass of him on the window, the portrait of a young girl who is very similar to a modern famous singer Olga Buzova. Even the unknown beauties look very similar to the view Oli.

Paul Will surprise wrote under the picture: “You also see Buzova on the window? The universe we told you so.”

Commentators have long to wait and it eventually filled up the post with these words:

It is like Putin !!! At all times.

Jeez, and here she is omnipresent.

Painted on his head, here is visualization.

Every generation has their Buzova.

How is this possible?

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На фото 40-летней давности нашли Ольгу Бузову, в сети переполох: «Как это возможно?»

As previously reported, Olga Buzova itself showered with compliments, but not impress users of the social network.

The former star of the show “Dom-2” and now the singer Olga Buzova posted a picture that criticized users of the network. Some people wrote that this is most unfortunate photos of Oli in his career.

As a reminder, the stars showed how you looked in school: no plastic, silicone, it is other people.

As reported Politeka, a Ukrainian singer, moved to Russia, shocked by the appearance: what is it?

Also Politeka reported that Loboda smashed for the controversial post in social network: she wrote, “shame”.