In the Parliament are preparing a revolution: MPs will be only 300, but this is only the beginning

В Раде готовят революцию: нардепов останется всего 300, но это только начало

On the first day of work of the Ukrainian Parliament will vote for a package of bills, which implements the dreams of Ukrainians

This was stated by the journalist Sonia Koshkina.

“We continue the parade of exclusives. On the first day of the session, the 29th August, the new Parliament will earn the shock. To adopt a set of strategic bills, a total of 60-70” she said.

В Раде готовят революцию: нардепов останется всего 300, но это только начало

At the same time, Koshkina said that among the bills is a document on the reduction of MPs.

“Among them — to reduce the number of deputies to 300 (changes in Constitution). Well, the removal of immunity, of course,” she said.

As previously reported, Vladimir Zelensky has not yet decided on the candidacy of the Prime Minister but said that candidates two. He told about it to journalists at a reception at the Mariinsky Palace.

“I have to make this decision this week, there is nowhere else to pull. To be honest, the complexity of this decision only that I like some people. I will not say who, I will say that the two,” said the President.

According to him, the new Prime Minister must be prepared to solve problems in the economy. “People should come with the model, with people, with the timing of reforms. This is a big global challenge,” he added.

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Zelensky said that the candidate for premieres should be submitted to the people he wants to see among the members of the government.

“I don’t know what kind of negotiations they conduct, [but they have] the task is to show the structure and program. Of course, they can’t say: I’d like Elon musk to the Minister of infrastructure. We’d all like. But I want someone to propose because they understand that we are comrades in detail, probably, with someone to talk to,” he said.

В Раде готовят революцию: нардепов останется всего 300, но это только начало

We will remind, at first Zelensky said that thinking about “free” money for parties.

As reported Politeka, Razumkov revealed the truth about the new heads of the defense Ministry and the foreign Ministry: “the prerogative of the President.”

Politeka also wrote that the launch of the Parliament under the threat of failure, to such “public servants” are not ready.