In the office of the chief psychiatrist “DNR” patient detonated a grenade: the details of the emergency

В кабинете главного нарколога «ДНР» пациент взорвал гранату: подробности ЧП

In the “young Republic” about the incident does not say a word

About the incident became known from own sources, the newspaper writes news of Donbass.

The incident occurred at the Donetsk regional narcological dispensary, which is now in the “DNR” called “the Republican narcological centre”. There in the office of the chief doctor of the clinic Igor Cybi was blown up by a grenade.

В кабинете главного нарколога «ДНР» пациент взорвал гранату: подробности ЧП

In effect lethal weapons led 60-year-old patient who fought on the side of the militants.

A terrorist was killed, doctor wounded.

It is reported that the patient tried to jump out the window of the hospital, and when he was not allowed to do, he grabbed the grenade and pulled the pin.

As we wrote earlier, in the occupied territories of Donbass is brewing commotion. It is known that in ORDA close the border, Russian customs stops working civilian is not allowed and not allowed.

This writes the Ukrainian blogger, volunteer Serge Marko: “If this military convoy going, and a lot are only using PPC Uspenka from the night before came four dozen KAMAZ with manpower”.

The author argues that there is promise for a Russian passport for entry into the troops: “the Truth is he is fake and working in Russia will not, and the possibility to check separa no (customs also closed, as well as the border, no passport check, and it won’t leave) but Searle conducted. In General, a very strange motion coming in Ordo with a concentration of resources of the Russian Federation and local separa with tales of ropesport”.

The blogger added: “There is a suspicion that the separable now I plan to throw in some meat grinder, while the border is closed and there is no way to blame, nor to understand the fraud with passports”.

В кабинете главного нарколога «ДНР» пациент взорвал гранату: подробности ЧП

The situation in the Donbass, in fact disastrous, writes Paul Shechtman, another civic activist and publicist, but the aggressive Kremlin does not wish to answer “for those who tamed”.

We will remind, citizens of Ukraine started to intimidate.

Рoliteka wrote that the writer-terrorist escaped from the self-proclaimed “DNR”.

Рoliteka also wrote that the Ukrainian battalion was frankly told about the nuclear threat.