In the Odessa region from the taps the water with the worms

In the Odessa region in the houses of the taps the water with the worms. The situation is commented by Vladimir Mihov, the mayor of Sochi, where there is a problem.

Local residents of Sochi complain that for several years from the faucet flows water with worms. The situation worsens when there is disconnection and restoration of supply of water. According to residents, for drinking they buy water in stores, and to bathe and brush their teeth at all to fear. Happened is that after a shower the worms stuck in your hair.

Vladimir Mihov, the mayor of Sochi, said that this problem is currently being solved. Authorities have identified Water, 4 million hryvnia, which must be spent on pipe repair. The mayor conducted a review of water, the result was found to be in good quality. The only thing that needs to be repaired, the pipes and tanks with pure water.

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