In the Kirov region will increase the tax for owners of powerful cars

In the Kirov region plan to raise the tax rate for car owners, the productivity of which exceeds 150 horses. The norm can be introduced from the beginning of 2018.

The regional legislative Assembly has already provided the relevant bill. It will consider in the near future. According to the document, vehicles with the performance of the power unit from 150 to 200 horses, will translate into a rate of 50 virtually any.

If the output of the motor reaches the range of 200-250 horses, then the car owner will have to pay the amount of 75 virtually any, while the current rate is equal to 60 virtually any. Finally, if a car squeezes in excess of 250 horses, the fare will rise to 150 virtually any.

It is worth noting that the transport tax in the region have not risen for the past six years, and is now considered one of the lowest in the country. Experts recommend that local motorists not to panic, as the new rule will affect no more than 6% of the regional fleet.

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