In the Kherson region started the construction of the plant of mineral fertilizers

The enterprise will put into operation in December 2018.

У Херсонській області розпочалося будівництво заводу мінеральних добрив

In Kakhovka Kherson region started the construction of a modern plant for the production of mineral fertilizers, informs Rus.Media.

“Taratara” will open a factory for liquid fertilizers in Kherson region this year, Andrey Gogolev, General Director of “Terramara” at the IV International Agrochemical Forum in Antalya, told about the planned production of fertilizers in Kherson region.

It is expected that the plant will focus on the launch of the first liquid fertilizers, then crystal. TIGHT production capacity is 3 million liters per year, and crystalline water soluble – 15 thousand tons. Daily production volume PRESSES – 60 thousand liters

According to local media, the first phase of the new plant’s daily capacity of 60 thousand liters of fertility vitamins is planned to be operational in December 2018.

Fertilizer will be done according to the concern’s standards SQM – one of the world leaders in the field of special fertilizers. The company “Terracorsa” formed in the merger in 2011 group of companies “Tera” (Ukraine) and an international production company Doktor Tarsa (Turkey) 50% stake in which is owned SQM.

Important for farmers in the South Ukraine plant for the production of high quality chemically pure liquid and crystalline mineral fertilizers according to the world standards will cost the investor $18.3 million

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