In the Khabarovsk territory in the crash of the aircraft L-410 killed six people

In the Khabarovsk region, 15 Nov crashed the plane L-410: according to preliminary data, six people were killed.

Aircraft owned by local airlines followed the route Khabarovsk – Nikolaevsk-on-Amur — Nelkan. L-410 stopped communicating when landing at the airport Nelkan. After a few minutes it became known that the aircraft crashed. As noted in the emergency region, the accident occurred at 13:09 local time.

In the Ministry of emergency situations reported that on Board the crashed plane were 7 people, including 2 crew members. Survived the crash only four years old. He was hospitalized. Information on the health status of the child victim is not reported. The source told RIA Novosti that the injured girl remains in a serious condition. She was taken to the Central district hospital Nelena.

Police and rescuers went to the scene of the crash. In the MOE noted that the plane detected. He received substantial damage, but not burned. At the time of the crash in the airport area weather for aviation was good. The source told RIA Novosti that “it didn’t snow, there was no fog and visibility was good, the wind reached 3-4 m/s”.

The villagers tell that the plane was flying at first, but when he came in for a landing, then began to fall to the side.

Note L-410 Czech 19-seater aircraft. This is one of the most common airplanes used by local airlines.

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